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El sabor de la dehesa

Jamón ibérico (Cured Iberian Ham)

Jamón ibérico (Cured Iberian Ham) Jamón ibérico (Cured Iberian Ham) Jamón ibérico (Cured Iberian Ham) Jamón ibérico (Cured Iberian Ham) Jamón ibérico (Cured Iberian Ham)

Iberian Ham is the flagship product of the Iberian pig and its best known.

The Ham comes from the hind legs of the pig. The forelegs or shoulders produce a similar product cured in a similar manner. Both products, from thoroughbred Iberian pigs, will enrich any table.

In Seleccion Iberica, we only offer products of the highest quality derived from pure bred Iberian pigs. We can offer 3 levels of quality which are determined by the type of feed consumed by the pig in its final stage of fattening.

  • DO Jamón de Huelva
  • Ibérico Puro de Bellota
  • Ibérico Puro de Recebo

Derived solely from the consumption of sweet acorns and pasture in the dehesa. In this finishing stage of fattening the pig must gain a mínimum of 46 kg happily foraging among the holm oaks.

The difference from the the above is the stamp it bears: “D O Jamon de Huelva”, which controls the phases of growth, fattening,etc. as well as the purity of the breed.

This quality , referred to as recebo, is also derived from the consumption of acorns and pasture plus natural cereals and legumes. In this final stage the pig must gain a minimum of 29kg.

Another very important aspect of the final product is the curing process. From the time of slaughter to cured readiness the ham requires from 24 to 36 months and for the shoulder a slightly shorter time of 18 to 24 months.

The handcrafted curing process has been passed on for generations; along with suitable climatic conditions, it is the key to a successful product.

Hams should be cured in mountainous regions, with mild winters and dry summers. The process includes various stages: salting, washing and settling, drying and finally hanging in traditional drying cellars with a stable natural temperature of between 15 to 19 degrees Celsius and 70% humidity. Here, curing to maturity the ham takes on its unmistakably delicious flavour.

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