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El sabor de la dehesa


Cheeses Cheeses Cheeses Cheeses

Cheese is a solid food made from curdled milkfrom cows, goats, sheep, buffalo, camel or other ruminant mammals. Milk curding is induced using a combination of rennet or a substitute and acidification. Bacteria’s are responsible for acidifying the milk, playing an important role in texture and taste of most cheeses. Some also contain molds, both in the outer surface and inside.

For the ancient Greeks cheese was a gift from the Gods. There are hundreds of varieties of cheeses. Their different styles and flavours are the results of using different types of bacteria and mold also different amounts of cream in the milk, variations in the curing time, different handling in their process and differences on the breeds of cows, goats or mammal whose milk is used. Other factors include the cow´s diet and the addition of flavouring agents such as herbs or spices. Whether or not the milk is pasteurized can also affect the flavour.

Nutritional factors can vary depending on its fat content, but in general we can say cheese is a rich source of calcium, protein and phosphorus. 1oo grams of manchego cheese contain 21 grams of protein and 600 to 900 milligrams of calcium. Being basically concentrated milk, it would take 600 grams of milk to equal this amount of protein and 550 for calcium.

Seleccion Iberica has chosen two cheeses of high handcrafted quality for your enjoyment: the first a pure sheep milk manchego and the second, a pure goat´s milk cheese from the Sierra de Aracena (Huelva) , a mountain region with an ancient tradition of goat cheese production.

“With cheese bread and wine you walk the way”


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