Quercus Selección Ibérica

El sabor de la dehesa

Olive oil

Olive oil Olive oil Olive oil

Selección Ibérica brings "Andalusian liquid gold" to your table. Its olive oil....

From hundred-year-old olive trees, cultivated generation after generation, where we extract one of the healthiest and most representative elements of the Mediterranean geography. One gourmet product we can't be without in our Despensa Ibérica.

Olives give us their essence which, through ancient mills (oil presses), has been extracted for thousands of years. The Arabs and Romans already left us this tradition in Andalusia.

Olive oil is considered as the healthiest, not only for our bodies but also for the skin and hair. Its oleic acid is fantastic for controlling cholesterol, as well as having antioxidant properties. Besides, it favours calcium absorption and mineralization, helping growth.

We believe that olive oil, because of its health and well-being benefits, will gather more followers in the XXI century's culinary preferences.

  • Presentation

    0.5 L. glass bottle.

  • Ingredients

    Extra virgin olive oil, hojiblanca variety.


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