Quercus Selección Ibérica

El sabor de la dehesa

The Iberian Pig

The Iberian Pig The Iberian Pig The Iberian Pig The Iberian Pig The Iberian Pig The Iberian Pig

"Allí se me ponga el sol donde me den de cenar vino y jamón"

Imagine a view through the gates of an expansive Andalusian dehesa where Iberian pigs roam freely. We are talking about a special breed raised and adapted over centuries, in the forests of holm oaks and cork oaks, of which the fruit, the sweet acorn, is primarily responsible for the flavour of its meat products.

You will find different breeds of Iberian pigs, all of them characterized by their black hooves and thin legs. The Iberian pig’s physical properties allow for its muscle-tissue to be marbled with unsaturated fat, and this is responsible for its exceptional flavor.



Crianza, or how the pigs are raised.

The animal lives its entire life in an extensive farming system and particularly in the last stage of its life, during the autumn; it forages freely among the oaks, fattening itself on fallen acorns. The pigs are out in the dehesa for approximately 3 months, to complete their developmental cycle. This free-range foraging is crucial to the fattening process which results in the distinctive flavor of the final cured meat products.

Seleccion iberica, is a Spanish company, based in the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, Huelva, carry out all the controls of the entire process, following the pigs in the dehesas, their feeding, and the processing and elaboration of its products.

“From the dehesa to your table”

As our Nobel Prize winner, the writer Camilo Jose Cela, says:

“Ham is enjoyed not just by smelling and tasting. Frenzy may occur just looking at it and savoring it. It is a mouthful of blessings.”


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