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Iberian Ham

23 December 2013 By Marketing y Publicidad In Articles
Iberian Ham

Iberian Ham is a unique and distinctive Spanish ham that comes from a special breed of pig and a centuries-old breeding method. Iberian pigs roam free in the Andalusian grasslands, where they are free to forage for grass, herbs, and, most importantly, acorns. Spanish ham and bellota (acorns) are two intertwined flavours, and the bellota gives Iberian ham its cherished taste. Iberian ham, unlike other Spanish ham, must come from an Iberian pig, which are characterized by their black hooves and thin legs. In contrast the Spanish ham Serrano comes from the landrace breed of white pig.

Iberian Ham bellota is the finest Spanish ham, thanks to the exercise and diet that the Iberian pigs enjoy as they are bred. This free-range process is a key part of the fattening process that results in the distinct flavour of Iberian Ham in contrast to other Spanish ham. The Iberian pig´s physical properties allow for its muscle-tissue to be marbled with unsaturated fat, leading to its exceptional flavour of Iberian ham.

Among the many benefits of Spanish ham, Iberian ham lowers blood pressure, minimises the risk of thrombosis, and provides the body with vitamin E. The pigs grazing and breeding leads to a lower cholesterol count in Iberian ham. With exceptional flavor and numerous health benefits, Iberian ham continues to be a hugely popular Spanish product.


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